I get up "Your computer's Trusted Platform Module has malfunctioned." when I try to start an Office program. How do I solve it?

If, when you start an Office program, such as an Office program, you can use an Office program, you can use an Office program to use the office program. Word or Outlook receives the following message, you may need to reset the Microsoft 365 activation state :

Error message: Your computer's trusted platform module has malfunctioned. If the error persists, contact your system administrator with the error code 80090016. 


How do I reset the Microsoft 365 activation state?

Download and run the following tool to reset the Microsoft 365 activation state: Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant (SaRA) and follow the on-screen instructions.

After running the tool,  you should be able to use Office as usual again.


If the problem persists

If the problem persists, there is an article at Microsoft that describes additional methods that you can try to solve this: Microsoft 365 Apps activation error Trusted Platform Module malfunctioned - Office | Microsoft Docs

However, all these actions are not quite easy to implement and unfortunately we cannot help you with these steps on a private computer. If you have a computer owned by Dalarna University, we will, of course, help you with this.

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