Why is it better to use a PIN or biometrics to log in to my computer?

Passwords are vulnerable to various types of attacks, such as phishing, brute force, and keylogging. In addition, it is difficult to remember strong and unique passwords for each account, which leads to many people reusing the same passwords or writing them down somewhere. This increases the risk of someone else gaining access to your information.

PIN and biometrics are better options because they are only stored on your device (computer/phone, etc.) and not in your Microsoft account. This means that if someone gets hold of your PIN or biometric data, they can't use it to log in to other devices or services. In addition, PINs and biometrics are harder to guess or steal than passwords, because they require something you have (your device) or something you are (your fingerprint or face).

To enable PIN or biometrics on your Windows computer, go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and select the option you prefer. You can also use Windows Hello, which is a feature that lets you sign in with a smile or a look. Windows Hello works with the webcam and fingerprint reader that our DUPC computers are equipped with.

By using PIN or biometrics instead of passwords on Windows computers, you can better protect your identity and information. You also avoid the hassle of remembering and typing in long and complicated passwords every time you want to use your computer.


More information: Why a PIN is better than an online password - Windows Security | Microsoft Learn

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