What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is a Microsoft application built specifically for chatting, talking, and sharing files within organizations.

Information management in Teams

Everything written, stored, and shared in Teams is on the cloud. This is great as it is easier to access, but it is important to comply with GDPR regulation. Read our guide on information storage in Teams: Informationshantering i Microsoft Teams - faq.du.se

How does it work?

Teams builds groups of members called Teams. It can be a department that has a Team to talk about things that apply to the entire department, or a project that wants to share files with only authorized members.

Within the Teams you create channels and that's where the chat and file sharing takes place. Within the IT Department, for example, we have a general channel for what applies to everyone at IT, one channel for the service part and one for the client platform. This is to divide the information so that it is easier to find the right one and so you do not have to read what belongs to other parts of IT if you do not want to. Note: This is not a good time All members of the Team can read and access files from all channels.

How do I order a Team?

We at IT create the teams, you can read a short explanation about the types of Team and how to contact us here.

Can students use Microsoft Teams?

No, unfortunately, Microsoft Teams is not available to students at Dalarna University. When students sign in to Teams, they receive this error message: You're missing out! Ask your admin to enable Microsoft Teams for Högskolan Dalarna

How do I add members to my Team?

Tap the 3 dots next to the team and select Add member, then you can enter a name or email address.FAQ Image

FAQ Image FAQ Image

How do I invite an external person to a meeting/video call through Microsoft Teams?

Create a meeting in your calendar and invite the person by email address. See here for Microsoft's FAQ: Schedule a meeting in Teams (microsoft.com)

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